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To make deposits and withdrawals via payment cards faster, we encourage you to link your cards via card manager. All you need to do is provide correct information about your card and prove that you own it.

You can add several cards to your profile and manage them whenever you want. IO, we guarantee that all card information is safe. In case you want to withdraw fiat funds or increase your deposit and withdrawal limitsyou need to verify your identity. Check out a detailed guide on how to complete identity verification. Verification at CEX.

Getting Started

Manage Bitcoin trading on the go with CEX. IO mobile application for iOS and Android. To link a new smartphone and manage mobile devices, please visit a CEX. IO Mobile tab in Profile. To raise your account security, we strongly recommend enabling a Two-Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator app.

Check out your security status and manage preferences in Profile. Now you can withdraw your DOGE coins only. Here are the settings for our BTC pool you should use: Stratum Servers: You can find all necessary information at the Ghash.

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