Btc winner

If the number of matched users exceeds the number of winners, priority will be given to the users who registered the earliest. Two winners are generated from the UID of Prime trading users. The other is from UID participating in Twitter exclusive campaign for overseas users.

Detailed rules of Hash value draw: The letters are omitted from the end of the hash value, and a series of numbers are obtained as the winning sequence. For example, the hexadecimal hash value is:. After omitting the letters, the number is This is the winning sequence.

The eligible UID starts the comparison from the last digit forward.

They will be added after few hours. It will be added after few hours. A bubble notification has been added to Crypto-Trade shoutbox to notify about new messages when it is closed. Note 2: From now on, we restricted the max.

Bitstar Coin. New Feature!! We raised our Carboncoin daily withdrawal limit to Just to let you know. Congrats to Sync!

Details of BTC Time Machine Campaign

Worried about Shellshock affecting Bitcoin Exchanges? At CT, all servers were already secured and are not vulnerable against this breach.

Please note: We just did some smaller improvements for Crypto-Trade: Congrats to CopperLarkranked 1 with votes. Crypto-Trade is now supported by Xeiam XChange, "a Java library providing a simple and consistent API for interacting with over a dozen Bitcoin exchanges providing a consistent interface for trading and accessing market data.

This cryptocurrency is based on peer-to-peer technology and ran by the community.

The winners of Game of TRON!

The mission of developers was to create a cryptocurrency which would provide transactions faster than Bitcoin, with lower fees as well. The chosen cryptocurrencies will be implemented and ready to trade on CoinDeal within 3 weeks.

The end of 4th voting also means that we are starting 5th one! As a reminder - 2 cryptocurrencies which will reach the minimum amount of voteswill be implemented on CoinDeal. We have also decided not to reset the votes which have already been gathered!

In 3rd voting, the winner was Experience Points XP and is already ready to trade. Go and check it yourself!