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On the face of it, Stellar is an odd cryptocurrency project to be championing decentralization. Founded by Jed McCaleb as a fork of his former project, Ripple, Stellar is in many respects as centralized as the coin its codebase derives from. Are We Decentralized Yet? By any reckoning, that makes XLM a heavily centralized cryptocurrency, and yet in Stellarx, we have a candidate for one of the most innovative and user-friendly decentralized exchanges seen yet. To all intents and purposes, Stellarx operates as a true DEX should: They explain:.

At this stage, Stellarx bears many similarities to the Waves decentralized exchange. The first question that users navigating their way around Stellarx may have is how the exchange of cross-chain assets is made possible.

This has hitherto been a tough nut to crack, with atomic swaps seen as the likeliest solution to what is a complex problem to solve in a trustless setting.

They explain: The Waves DEX does something similar with ethereum, which is tradable on Waves despite operating on a different blockchain.

A Review of the New Stellarx Decentralized Exchange

Assets listed on Stellarx can be filtered by volume, price, name, issuer, and other variables. When it comes to withdrawing funds, there are two options: Stellarx will soon support off-chain withdrawals in-app, making this process less convoluted.

On early evidence, though, Stellarx has a lot going for it, forming a welcome addition to the decentralized exchange ecosystem. Mobius just finished their pre-sale today which allowed you to pay via many different coins.

Once the public sale starts, people will need to buy lumens to take part in the ICO. FairX recently announced that they are going to solve this problem by They said they will: The Stellar team are working hard to get a Stack Exchange created just for Stellar so developers can easily get any questions answered that they have about it which will help adoption.

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