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Your feedback, comments and suggestions will be critical for the next steps in the development process. Please review the Stellar Tactics Roadmap in the discussion forums.

I am committed to making this a great game and much will depend on your feedback and support. Right now the game includes the остаток биткоинов story of the game, around hours and the sandbox universe.

The majority of the core systems are in the game right now. Here are a few of the things that need to be done before the game is considered complete: The game also currently contains the entire universe sandbox and can be played for many hundreds if not thousands of hours. Не поддерживается русский язык Этот продукт не поддерживает ваш язык.

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This is likely the most requested feature from players since I first started gathering feedback. It includes fog of war, zoom, and scrolling. I hope you all enjoy the update. If you do find any issues with this patch, please post in the bug forums.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair + Portable

Here are the patch notes: Added the map. A "legend" for the various icons which match the radar is available on the map. Wherever you go in the universe, your tracked progress is saved. The crew manager has been moved to "J". When exploring ground locations with a single crew member, the game will no longer crash when manually entering or leaving combat.

A bug that could generate ship equipment when turning in agent missions. This would place ship equipment in general inventory instead of the cargo bay - breaking rollover info and a few other things. These items cannot be sold or used. Trade contracts for this item will start to appear over time. Reduced space skill experience requirements per level. Hacking and First aid skill progression will now continue even if you are at the level cap.

Reduced hacking and first-aid experience requirements per level. Improved dynamic shadow resolution. You can now unlock Smuggling. Smuggling is a fairly dangerous career and you will be harassed by Raiders and Scavvers if you have active contraband contracts. I recommend a starship with decent weapons, shields and balanced power systems. This is a great career for those of you who want to make money from trading smuggled goods and of course from all that loot you are going to find by eliminating the enemy ships that attack you.

For now, you do not need to worry about The Authority not in the game yet. I have a few interesting plans for the smuggling system including a few ship enhancements, timed smuggling missions and extended story content related to The Syndicate. If you read the dialog carefully, you might notice an intro to future story content and a long-standing mystery surrounding the loss of your crew, depending on the options you choose.

Smuggling requires a large Trade-Net to be effective - so place beacons in every system you find with orbiting stations.

Contraband goods are traded all over the universe, but not as often as normal commodities. Ships may attack each other now. You can join in and help or ignore these skirmishes.

In some cases, if you do decide to help, you have a good chance of finding loot from dropped cargo containers. Rarely, regardless of whether you engage or not, cargo containers are dropped from these ships and you may find them floating in space. This is the start of the faction warfare system just the start and these engagements are generally between the various factions and Scavvers and Raiders entering and leaving systems.

You can now see active missions or trade contracts on this list. While in FTL space, you can select any destination and the Star System the mission or contract is located in will automatically be selected in the info panel so you can click the approach icon and fly to that system. If you are in Star System that has a mission or contract, selecting an item in the tracker will select the planet or station where the mission or contract is located so you can easily approach that location without needing to open the log to reference mission information.

The tracker is also useful for translocating as it displays contract destinations and commodities in the list. And one last thing - 35 new music tracks for space, ground exploration and combat greatly enhance статины stellar atmosphere of the game.

Patch notes: A short mission that unlocks Smuggling. He will help you start your new career. The Objective Tracker. Selecting a tracker mission or contract entry will display the targeted star system, planet or station in the info panels so you can easily navigate to the destination.

Selecting an item in the tracker will: This means there will be lower sale prices and higher buy prices available depending on the size of your network. These adjustments will become available over time as trade contracts are refreshed. When translocating using Jump Points, ship fusion cells are now used instead of ground weapon fusion cells. The cost is still the same - 5 fusion cells per jump.

Incursions now only provide a positive faction bonus for the faction that initiated the incursion. Faction rewards in space combat adjusted: Additional factions factions other than the assigning faction no longer generate faction bonuses.

It was too easy to gain alignment with other main powers in the Universe while doing work for a specific faction. Trade in values when buying a new ship increased. Note that CHA applies to all ship purchases decreasing the price of buying a ship and increasing the value of your trade-in.

This has always been the case. You now have a much lower chance of being attacked when you have an active delivery contract if that contract is not contraband. A higher chance of being купить биткоины exmo by Raiders and Scavvers if you have an active contraband delivery contract.

A lockup when docking at stations, planets and translocating if under enemy ship fire.

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A rare crash related to enemy ship beam weapons. Incursions will now reward faction for the system where the incursion is taking place, regardless of whether the system is a main or sub-faction. A very rare persistent yellow particle effect left in the scene after space combat. This will clean up save lists for players with games that were created all the way back to the start of Early Access.

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